Locally Grown

Why Should We Eat Local?

Enhance Local Economy

Shopping at a farmers market is a whole unique experience that benefits farmers and producers directly. At a farmers market, you hand your money to the person who grew or made the products in front of you. This type of shopping gives you more for your dollar and keeps it circulated within the community. Local farmers work and live within 100 miles of the city, meaning they are more likely to spent those dollars at local stores.

First Hand Education

People often overlook health and nutrition because they simply do not know the facts. Since studies have shown that produce loses nutritional value as more time elapses from the time of harvest, locally grown produce available at farmers markets is available to you at the peak of freshness and nutrient availability. Also, farmers markets provide onsite cooking demonstrations and show how to preserve food freshness.

Support A Way Of Life

Farmers markets offer you more unique products, more heirloom varieties, and more opportunities to build relationships and learn about healthy eating. Farmers markets are a community experience, where you can meet your neighbors, friends and farmers. These markets create mutual benefits for local farmers, shoppers, and communities while supporting the healthy and sustainable lifestyle we all need!

Athens Locally Grown

Athens Locally Grown is a group of nearly a hundred small farms and gardeners located around Athens, Georgia. Each grower farms his/her land using strict standards to ensure that everything produced is chemical-free. All member farms are dedicated to supplying their customers with the freshest and highest quality vegetables, herbs, mill products, dairy, eggs, meats, fruits, flowers, and transplants. Participating farms vary in size and specialty, but all carry the common thread of dedication to community, environment, health and education. With Locally Grown you get to order what you want, in the quantities that you want, from the farms that you want. The weekly email lists the produce, milled products, fresh flowers, and artisan goods available that week, and you can browse the items before you place your order.

Our Work

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The Locally Grown App

Overview Of The App We Created

  • Home Screen

    The home screen will be the first page that appears upon logging into our app. This page is very user friendly and easy to navigate. The shop option is the central focus of our app, which is why it is the intial and largest option on the screen. Underneath this is a "Weekly Feature" option, which will spotlight various farmers, recipes, or even upcoming events.

  • Shop

    If you click the "Shop Now" option on the homescreen, the app will redirect you to a different page. This page will have all of the items being sold divided according to item name or the vendor that is selling it. Once you find the items you want you can easily add them to your shopping cart.

  • Vendor Directory

    A Vendor Directory is also another option on the home screen. This button directs users to a different page to help them understand and learn about these local farmers. This option is great because it provides an educational experience for users to be able to understand the proper care these foods are being handled and grown with. This option is also nice because now you have a feel for different vendors and can seek them out at local farmers markets to help form relationships.

  • Community Forum

    As you scroll down on the home screen, the Community Forum option comes next. This options brings users into a social networking feed. This feed allows users to post photos with comments and captions and help them to constantly inspire others to live this healthy lifestyle. Eating local is about bringing the community together, and we want to do this through the internet and social media. This gives us the opportunity to use technology to unite people to a natural and non-artifical way of living.

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Our Amazing Team

Meet Our Team!

Malinda Inthirath

App Developer

Carrie West

Website and Video Developer

Sarah Sporn

Content and Editorial Director

Monica Padilla

Visuals and Graphics Designer

All team members are a part of The New Media Institute at The University of Georgia. This is a program dedicated to exploring the critical, commercial, and creative dimensions of innovative digital media technology.

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